Week 22

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Week 22 Landmarks

Generation 140

Disaster (Super Volcano)
      A Super Volcano eruption causes a chain reaction of volcanoes all over the world to erupt as well as 2 new volcanic regions; 
 Mae Volcanic and Raptor Volcanic. This massive eruption caused orbit voltflora to launch their seeds in
 mass, flooding the skies with seeds. Some of which landed on Sagan 4's moon, Mason. While the seeds died they did bring over a few
 microbes to Mason. Those that survived landed in Yokto Volcanic. Thus the followin species have migrated to Mason:  
            Hitchhiker Nitroid, Hitchhiker Hexspourus, Hitchhiker Gildling, Rust Mold, and the Rusty Symbiocell.
     Back on Sagan 4, all macro life in the existing volcanic regions went extinct. The massive amount of ash in the atmosphere blocks
 out the sunlight and much of the photosythetic flora die. This causes a chain reaction of famine and starvation. In addition the lack of 
 sunlight plunges Sagan 4 into an even deeper ice age. Almost the entire planet is covered in global glacier and only a few places at
 the equator stay warm enough to not freeze over. The ocean levels drop significantly until all that's left are two shallow seas. The geothermal
 vents in the middle of the seas keep them warm enough not to freeze. The sea salinity goes up, but most marine species are able to cope with it.
 Deeper ocean zones disappear due to the shallowness of the new seas. Over time the ash eventually clears and the sun returns. With the sunlight
 back the seeds and spores of the dead photosynthetic flora regrow. In addition the extra greenhouses gasses from the volcanoes tip the Sagan 4
 enough to gradually get warmer. However it will still be awhile before the Sagan 4 will return to normal.

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