Week 21

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Week 21 Landmarks

Generation 135

Disaster (Ice Age)
 Nearing the end of the Biglian Period the globe began to warm enough to start
 melt the polar glaciers. This influx of freshwater was enough to stop the ocean
 currents. This meant the nutrients needed to feed the species in the sunlight
 zone, shallows, coasts, bays and seas. This caused a mass extinction that left
 those biomes barren. Without the ocean currents the glaciers could then increase
 in size due to lack of warm water keeping them back. This eventually caused the
 extinction of all tropical biomes, lower sea level and other biomes such as
 isolated island to become engulfed in the advancing glaciers. The ocean currents
 have returned but not enough to cause the temperature to return to it previous
 state. However it will bring much needed nutrients back to the marine surface biomes. 

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