Week 18

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Generation 118

Generation 119

Disaster (Volcano)
 A Volcano Erupts in Ittiz-Ovi Desert. This kills off all species over 1 m that
 were directly dependent upon those larger species in Ittiz-Ovi Desert,
 Ittiz-Ovi Dunes, Ittiz Beach, Ittiz Island Beach, Ittiz Island and
 Ittiz-Ovi High Desert. Clayren Beach, Ittiz River, Ittiz Swamp,
 Ovi-Hydro High Grassland and Ittiz Rocky were mildly effected as 
 well but no species went extinct in them. As you can see this now cause a
 link between Ittiz Island and  Ittiz-Ovi Desert as well as merging
 Ittiz Island Beach with Ittiz Beach. Ittiz Island will now be known
 as Ittiz Peninsula. Also Ittiz Volcanic was now created as a new
 biome. The species killed in the effected regions are ...
 o Plurgey
 o Megacapeye
 o Dark Sauceback
 o Iron Hive
 o Plurgeyhopper
 o Desert Skyreaper
 o Beach Orbiflor
 o Rust Groveglobes
 o Island Diamistal
 o Orbiflor

Generation 120

Generation 121

Generation 122

Generation 123

Disaster (Meteor Impact)
 A Meteor Impacts at the border of Flisch Chaparral and 
 Flisch Temperate Woodland. All macro species in these 
 biomes have become extinct. In Flisch Savanna, Krakow Scrub,
 Flisch Temperate Rainforest, Flisch Marsh, Flisch River,
 Flisch Lakes, Ichthy River, Ichthy Swamp, Flisch Beach
 and King Beach everything 1 meter and over have become extinct.
 It also created the new biome, Ramul Crater.

Generation 124