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(Textudopoaceae indigo)
17/114, replaced by descendant
Creator Irinya Other


Week/Generation 5/33
Habitat Southwest Plains, Southeast Plains
Size 6-10 cm Tall
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual (Berries, Airborne Pollen), Asexual Budding

The violetgrass is a development of the berry puffplant. It has become small and grass-like, growing across the ground. The stalks of the berry puffplant have degenerated, and the violetgrass now grows its berries closer to the ground. The violetgrass is a prolific multiplier due to the fact that it can reproduce both by producing seeds and by suckering from its roots. This plant grows so well, in fact, that it has quickly become the main ground covering plant for all of Sagan's flatlands. This plant is hindered somewhat in its growth by the stickyballs. However, they are in this case useful to the ecosystems of Sagan 4, as they help to regulate the violetgrass's growth. Without the stickyballs, this organism would quickly strangle the forests and swamps of Sagan 4.