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Sagan 4 Team member.

B/B artist: Mediocre art, some unique creatures.
Activity: Occasional poster - rather inactive, but posts topics/replies and organisms here and there.

Yannick is an up-and-coming artist from Belgium who joined the project on May 28th, 2007. Many of his species are quite original, and with his artwork improving with each drawing he adds, he is a likely candidate for a high artist ranking sometime in the future.

Yannick is noted as the artist who created the picture of Sagan IVa (aka Sagan IV's moon), Mason. He has also gotten two creatures of his on the front page, the North Polar Ghark and the Radiodurans Maximae, as well as his image for the Generation 101 GRB Extinction Event.

Yannick is a blue skinned alien nazi bee here to take over the world! -Blarg

Yannick wages war on the peacefull hamster republic of "New Hamsterville", throwing childrens at them from catapults. -Dass

Yannick coined the idea of tagging people's user pages. The quality of the tags here are fairly indicative of the tags he has given others, within the context of each user. He is a good artist and makes some creatures, but is not nearly as prolific as some of the others. Dang that sounded stiff. -Neoskel

I know Yannick from gamingsteve where we were often involved in RPig together. I also enjoyed reading his works there and visa versa. His works in Sagan4 are quite interesting and one of my favorite creatures he made is the Pyroworm. -BioCat.