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About Me

The Biome Adopter Badge The Diversifier Badge

Thor Steinbach, more commonly known as Somarinoa.

Greetings and salutations. My true name is Thor, and I was formerly well known as the creator and writer for the Aurix on GameFaqs. I am going to be 29 years old this year (2012) and am Alaskan born and raised. I originally was born in Soldotna due to my hometown of Ninilchik not having its own hospital but I have resided in Alaska's biggest city, Anchorage, for most of my life. Outside of my Internet work on the wikias, I work as a member of the Alaska Paranormal Research & Investigations as an Intuitive and in Energy Transferences, and also work as data entry at a local company called Hope Community Resources, Inc. I am also the first Grammar Nazi Moderator on the Sagan IV forums.

I joined Sagan IV through HydromancerX himself, and have been a member since its first year, though work scheduling conflicts cause me to be far more inactive than I would like.

I consider myself an amateur scientist, through which I mainly follow biology, astronomy, and paleontology; I am dabble slightly in cryptozoology. I was formerly notorious for my excessive amount of pets, although this is no longer true. Currently I own no animals of my own, although there are plenty of pets living in my household:

  • 4 dogs (Shadow, Minnie, Beretta and TJ)
  • 3 cats (Pretty Boy Pink Floyderick, Sophie and Hazel)

My interests include movie making, my wide humor range (from quite light to sufficiently dark humor), making video games and/or playing video & computer games, ghost-hunting, UFO-hunting, and my writings and drawings. It also formerly consisted of collecting pets as well as dressing up (currently as Black Mage, Snifit, Clyde the Ghost, Pyramid Head, or Jawa) while acting like a fool throughout town.

The Vuunega Chronicles: The Story of the Aurix

Some of you may wish to check out my old interactive Spore fanfic, the Aurix. It reached to Chapter 7 before Spore was released and the readers stopped returning, thereby prematurely killing the game. Even so, it was often considered well-written, and formerly was what I was best known for on the Internet. If you would like to check this out at anytime, you can feel free by clicking the link below.

Favorite Articles

  • Savanna Roamer -- Some of the best art on all of Sagan IV. I'm pretty sure this is one of everyone's favorites.
  • Scavenging Parrotworm -- It just looks so damn creepy!
  • Shruma -- For a long time it was my favorite of the Shrew line.
  • Dark Giant Shovelhead -- The image is really a fantastic one, and the colors, while dark (as they should be), are perfect.

Claims to Fame

Modern Claims

Obsolete Claims

  • Solitary author of the Aurix game on GameFaqs.
  • Coined the term "Quantient", which is a level of intellect above sapience, in which all cells in the body sapience, making the body work like a hive mind of sorts.
  • Coined the term "Cellitient" alongside Yannick.
  • Used 100% original sprites to show the look of the creatures of the Aurix game, which is done totally in MSPaint.
  • First user to list Scientific Classification on Spore creatures, which I do extensively, as you can see from my creation pages. This feature is now seen on various other Spore pages.
  • Personally wrote the Scientific Classifications for the Corosliev (a creature from the Spore Game forums), and am in the process of writing one for the Zebodi from GameFaqs, as well.
  • Possibly the most dedicated (but somewhat slow because of this) Spore fanfiction writers out there. For instance, Round 85 of the Aurix game (posted Wednesday, September 6th, 2006) took me approximately 12 hours to write and redraw the sprites. Little of that time was spent on breaks.
  • Was the first person on Sagan 4 Wiki to post all of his creatures up after its creation -- only creature posted before all of his was Protosagania itself.

Surviving Organisms

Very few of my species still survive, with all survivors sans 1 having come about between generations 138 and 142. Below is a list of all of my species who continue to survive in this, the current Week.




Terrain Named After Me

Species Gallery

Below is a gallery of all the species I've added thus far in order of creation. Note that a "†" denotes an extinct species; a "‡" denotes a species that is technically extinct but is actually still extant - this goes for microbes who have since been clustered into a genus instead.

Lost Species Gallery

Below is a gallery of all the submissions I made that did not get accepted into Sagan IV. I have never had a submission rejected but I have more often now than not failed to finish a submission before someone else causes its ancestor to go extinct. None of these species can be considered canon in any fashion.