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Blarg (that's me) is a homeschooled 15 year old guy. He (I) enjoy creating things on a regular basis, and planet projects, which is why I joined Sagan 4 in the first place, because it is a (mostly) realistic planet project. I haven't contributed much, but whoever is reading this can expect more regularly.

He should leave placed tags alone - Yannick.

He seems to have a decided interest in flying pests. He should also stop trying to make his flying pests inedible as it defies ecological balance. Has some interesting creatures. - Neoskel

Blarg is a Sagan IV member with good drawing skills and unique creatures, he is related to the toothferry. - Dass

Blarg is one of the funniest persons I know through the internets, his style is just... just... just BLAAARGG!!! He has brought a whole new meaning to the word blarg. HIGH FIVE! - Huck.