Tree Plents

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Tree Plents
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Fan Plent

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Switchblenta tree plent

Tree plents are an extinct lineage of plant-like plents descended from the fan plent.


Floral plents have fairly set body designs, four tentacles(or roots), a torso(or trunk), and two branches with fan or multiple leaves(or four branches for the double plent and its descenants). The tentacles are used to anchor the plent in place, and to absorb water and nutrients from the ground. On the top of its torso, between its branches, the immobile plent has a single nostril used for breathing.


Most of these plents didn't do much of anything, many could not even move, but the early ones like fan plents and plumed plents gathered to bodies of water for breeding.

Breathing & Blood

Floral plents breathed in CO2 through a single nostril at the top of their body, their blood, or sap, was green.

Diet & Energy

Floral plents used photosynthesis to produce their own food, none were consumers.


The leffo, the first of the truly immobile floral plents.

The first of the floral plents was the fan plent, it was able to move around and had to go into the water to spawn, and its tentacles could absorb nutrients and water right out of the ground. The first truly immobile floral plent was the leffo which developed its tentacles into roots to anchor itself to keep from falling over, also its fan leaves had split into several smaller ones to cut back on wind resistance. The double plent was the first immobile plent to have four branches, this was actually because it was a siamese twin, this species gave rise to a great variety of floral plents.


Tree plents were among the large flora that became extinct as a result of the ice comet disaster. Their niches would go on to be claimed by the superficially similar plyents, which are plant-like descendants of swarmers.


All plents in this group could crawl across the ground using their tentacles except the leffo and its descendants.


The first few of these plents spawned in water, all descendants of the lobed plent reproduced using airborn spores to exchange genetics, all floral plents were sexual.


The early floral plents had a pair of light sensitive spots on them, near the top of their bodies, which were used to figure out which way to position their leaves. But these spots had virtually disappeared from the paddle plent and all of its descendants.


The floral plents height over time had ranged from the 2 centimeter tall fan plent all the way to 12 meters with the bifurcated gegabelt.

Types of Tree Plents

  • Mobile Floral Plents: All floral plents except the leffo and its descendants.
  • Immobile Dual-Branched Floral Plents: All descendants of the leffo not including the double plent and its descendants.
  • Immobile Quad-Branched Floral Plents: The double plent and all its descendants.