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Phylum Terrascolida includes all of the descendants of the Beach Thornworm.

The Beach Thornworm, the ancestor of all other Terrascolidans

Class - Plumosovermia

Order - Dodecapteraformes

(basal wingworms)

Order - Solariscoliciformes


Order - Patagiavermes

(slugworms) Superfamily - Xenoapoidea (xenobees and bambelins)

Family - Xenoapidae

Superfamily - Arthropennoidea (clickworms and janits)

Family - Aedificidae

(janits, “builders”) Superfamily - Diablomuscoidea (darbolas, “devil-flies”)

Order - Phaneroptera

(clear-wing worm and descendants)

Order - Elytraphora

(pollenworms and sapworms)

Order - Anoptidorates

(dartirs and cousins, “no-eyed spear-havers”)

Family - Spiculatidae


Order - Nectopennae


Order - Cornoptera


Family - Mastacornidae


Order - Lapsovermi


Class - Ophistophagia


Class - Pansaganicarcinia

Class - Phobovermia

The Golden Sauceback, the earliest member of the Cephalischians


Order - Paluscoliformes

Family - Branchioramidae

Family - Chelonoscolidae

Superorder - Cephalischia

(saucebacks, “head-hips”)

  • Families? Superfamilies?

(scorpion saucebacks, waxfaces, sanashies, loafshells, harnessbacks, hagloxes, larvaback) Thoughts? Umm. I’m not familiar enough with the exact relations of these taxa to make any sound judgements. Waxfaces should perhaps be made a superfamily?

Order - Harenaevermiformes


Order - Mandibuladonta

Suborder - Plumoplacaformes (feathered saucebacks)

Order - Phobognathiformes

†(vicious sauceback and descendants)