Swamp Beans

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Swamp Beans
(Phoenokarpats deduco)
20/?, unknown cause
Creator BioCat Other


Week/Generation 8/50
Habitat Bone Swamp, Ichthy Swamp, Irinya Swamp, Slarti Swamp, Ittiz Swamp, Hydro Marsh, Nuke Swamp
Size 5 cm Wide
Diet Consumer
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Binary Fission, Conjugation

The swamp beans are microscopic creatures that live in huge colonies at the bottom of many swamps around Sagan 4. They feed on the organic matter in the water. They also release a special protein that glues the organic matter around it together. Then, because of the weight, the matter sinks and falls to the swamp floor, making it easier for the beans to feed on it.