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Spondylozoa includes the vertebrate fauna on Sagan 4.

Class - Saganisauria

Subclass - Metasauria

Clade - Podometasauria


Order - Dakopteriformes


Family - Passerisauridae

(weavesnapper and it's descendants)

Family - Tromerocaelidae


Order - Dorsaurosauria


Family - Anoptidae

(crown earbacks)

Family - Actinosauridae


Order - Eusaganichelonii

(basal turtsnappers)

Order - Fluniformes


Family - Eufluninae

(basal flunes)

Family - Theroflunidae

(flunejaws; defining traits - powerful jaw muscles, semi-erect or erect posture)

Family - Bufoflunidae


Order - Teguloterguformes

(tile+thornbacks) Suborder - Acanthomoi (thornbacks, “thorned-shoulders”) *Family Suborder - Stegocorni *Family - Stegocornidae (shinglesaurs) *Family - Poseidonasauridae (marine stegocornids) Suborder - Stegolacertae (lizard-like tilebacks, probably polyphyletic)

Order - Refulgisauria


Family - Neoluceremundaridae

(yellowfeens, chromocanths - including the cave volox would make this taxon polyphyletic)

Family - (Cave Volox)
Family - Pharocaudidae

(signaltails, literally “lighthouse-tails”)

Family - Nautichelonidae


Family - Pseudosauropodidae

(sailshells, sailmails)

Family - Tronasauridae


Family - Nitercanthidae

(Glowspikes) (several more families and possibly subfamilies) Clade - Sublabromotus

Order - Saganophidia

(limblesses+seaswimmers) Superfamily - Teratophoidea (stem-limblesses, i.e. everything not descended from the rainforest limbless) Superfamily - Eusaganophidioidea (True limblesses)

  • Family - Paratedjavidae (descendants of the Squat Limbless other than the Wadjet and descendants)
  • Family - Tedjavidae (Wadjet and (at the moment presumed) descendants)
  • Family - Gyrinophidae (Serpmanders and allies)
  • Family - Loricacollidae (Crested King Limbless)
  • Family - Ouranomatidae (Skywatchers)

Superfamily - Ophanguilloidea (seaswimmers)

  • Family - Jasconidae
  • (are any more Ophanguilloid families needed?)

Order - Eudigitogradia

(wadjetsaurs, attercops etc.)

Family - Brachiophidae

(“armed” wadjetsaurs inc. deflatersaur)

Family Arachnochelidae


Order - Sledobelonia


Class - Saganisqualia

Clade - Eusaganisqualia

Order - Dracosqualiformes


Family - Dracosqualidae

(basal scylarians)

Family - Teratocetidae


Family - Hafagufidae

(thrasher scylarian and descendants)

Family - Infernocetidae

(rhodix scylarians)

Family - Slaesosauridae

Order - Snalinia


Family - Snalinidae

(luceremundare serpentes and basal snarks)

Family - Bhuyawmhidae


Family - Snallachiidae

(brute snarks)

Family - Branchiorhinidae

(comet snark and gillcrests)

Order - Rapacicetes


Family - Hydrocollidae


Clade - Protosaganispondyla

Order - Volociformes

Order - Carposerpentes

Superclass Caudopodosauria

Class Caudopodosauriformes

(basal caudopods)

Order Pentapodiformes

(Base group + Stem Dwellers; "5-foot form")

Order Tripodiformes

(Roamers + stem Capiris; "3-foot form")

Class Soricia

(shrews; "shrews")

Order Cynosauriformes

(Basal, reptile-like shrews only; includes basal blood shrews)

Order Bullapella

(Bubbleskins; "bubble-hide")

Order Chaetotheria

(Furred shrews; name taken from the genus of the Hairy Shrew)

Class Acaudopodia

(Azelaks; taken from their existing taxon name)

Order Chamaelifera

(Basal 4-legged azelaks, including azelemurs; name taken from azelak's genus)

Order Azeraptora

(Bipedal azelaks descended from Azelak Scavenger; named for Azeraptor)

Class Arcuvelia

(Capiris and bipedal capiri-like capoos; "rainbow sail")

Order Vexillacephalia

(non-capiri capoos descended from Roaming Capoo, including capeyes; "flag head")

Order Euarcuvelia

(true capiris)

Class Eucaudopodosauria

(modern dwellers starting at Denclaw; keeping the name because they include the last living tail-walkers)

Order Palapusia

(basal, mostly burrowing modern dwellers, including shoveltails; "shovel claw")

Order Lophoraptora

(Sawgnaws; "crest-theif")

Order Lophocula

(Descendants of Sawclaw, including crown-group dwellers; "crest-eye")