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(Silicamoeba proteus)
23/?, unknown cause
Creator Mnidjm Other


Week/Generation 21/135
Habitat Jujubee Ocean (Twilight Floor), Jujubee Ocean (Abyss Floor), Arctic Polar Sea, Raq Temperate Bay, Colddigger Polar Bay, Darkov Temperate Coast, Elerd Temperate Coast, Oz Temperate Coast, Wolfgang Temperate Coast, Bumpy Polar Coast, Nergali Polar Coast, Chum Salt Lake, Slarti Salt Lake, Ovi Salt Lake, Chum Salt Marsh, Slarti Salt Marsh, Ovi Salt Marsh
Size Microscopic
Diet Chemovore (Silica)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Binary Fission

The silicamoeba split from its ancestor, the lithoamoeba. It has specialized in metabolizing the sands in the waters of Jujubee. Like its ancestor, it can convert inorganic materials into energy. They use pseudopods to gather up the sand. They reproduce via binary fission.