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(Cestrolingua exuviae)
Creator Windsaver Other


Week/Generation 24/151
Habitat Drake High Desert, Drake Desert
Size 50 cm Long
Diet Herbivore (Suncatcher Plyent, Thorny Hedgelog)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Endotherm (Cotton)
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Genders

The shaggycoat split from its ancestors when the woollycoat, due to competition over food, migrated to Drake High Desert. Its coat has since become lighter, as it does not need to carry around the extra wool to keep it warm. Their tongue has become tough to help it eat the fruits from the thorny hedgelog without getting pricked. Due to the fruits acidity it is able to vomit up the seeds as well as some of the acid and help the plant spread.

Normally the shaggycoat is found in group ranging from 4 to 12. The smallest groups include a male and a female and two children. Larger groups tend to consist of three pairs and 6 children. Every year, young shaggycoats head down to Drake Desert to find a mate, females will butt heads over males to show their strength, which is a main factor in choosing a mate for life. Males with the longest tusks are usually the first to get a mate, as it is more appealing.

The gestation period for females last for 5 months, whilst it takes 2 years for a child to mature to an adult. The lifespan of males is around 9 years whereas females can survive for 10-12 years depending on how healthy they are.