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(Ichthytoda marion)
Creator Mnidjm Other


Week/Generation 23/146
Habitat Anguan Temperate Coast, Dass-Clarke Temperate Sea, Oz Temperate Coast, Ramul Temperate Coast, Raq Temperate Bay, Wolfgang Temperate Coast, Arctic Polar Sea, Artir Polar Coast, Blitz Polar Coast, Nergali Polar Coast, Wind Polar Sea
Size 40 cm Long
Diet Herbivore (Pioneer Twinkiiro, Pioneer Stalkglobe, Azulglobe)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Hermaphrodite (Eggs)

The seafin split from their ancestor and moved out to the sea. There, they began feeding on the pioneer flora. When mating, both individuals involved become pregnant and soon lay dozens of eggs in the soil. In the far latitudes they will frequent ice holes in order to breath, and are capable of chipping their way through it with their hardened heads. They are now completely blue, protecting them from any threats. They can be found in all the coastal waters of the LadyM ocean.