Scuttleball Gillfin

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Scuttleball Gillfin
(Juncilatrichthys insularphvoro)
Scuttleball Gillfin.png
Creator Jlind11 Other


Week/Generation 24/150
Habitat Maineiac Temperate Coast, Clayren Tropical Coast, Wolfgang Tropical Coast, Koopa Tropical Coast, Hydro Tropical Coast, Anguan Temperate Coast, Oz Temperate Coast, Ninth Tropical Coast, BigL Tropical Coast, Jlindy Tropical Coast, Raq Temperate Coast, Dass Temperate Coast, Jaydoh Temperate Coast, Darkov Temperate Coast, Soma Tropical Sea, Ramul Temperate Coast, Chum Tropical Bay, Elerd Temperate Coast, King Tropical Coast, Clarke Temperate Coast, Jujubee Tropical Ocean (Sunlight Zone), North Jujubee Temperate Ocean (Sunlight Zone), South Jujubee Temperate Ocean (Sunlight Zone), LadyM Tropical Ocean (Sunlight Zone), North LadyM Temperate Ocean (Sunlight Zone), South LadyM Temperate Ocean (Sunlight Zone)
Size 30 cm Long
Diet Omnivore (Marbleflora, Hitchhiker Scuttler)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Two Genders, Sticky-Eggs on the Tails of Both Genders or on Colonialballs

With the onset of the hitchhiker scuttlers the islandball gillfins found themselves eating colonialballs with the scuttlers inside, or even mistaking the scuttlers for the flora. However, instead of hampering the species, the islandball gillfin incorporated them into their diet, thus the scuttleball gillfin replaced its ancestor in all the areas inhabited by its new prey.

Besides growing a little in size, changing its color to better blend in with the islandballs, and its beak changing to better scoop up and crush both its prey, it is virtually the same as its ancestor. Individuals live to 5 years, reaching maturity in time with the islandballs they live on (about 2 weeks)