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The Sagan 4 wiki has various tools that serve to make it easier to browse, create, and moderate species.

Search Tools

  • Species Search: Used to narrow down species based on various data.
  • Biome Search: Used to find specific biomes, or all biomes that a particular species may be found in.
  • Range Tool (WIP): Used to find all species present in a specific range of biomes.
  • Idea Finder: Set some parameters and it'll find you a species to evolve!

Editing Tools

  • Template Wizards: Used to add new entries to the wiki with ease
  • JSaganBot: Can be used to automatically add species to the ecosystem page. (CAUTION: This can lag your browser and make huge edits to a lot of pages at once)


  • Review Helper: A tool specially designed to make it easier to review new species.