Rainforest Skyreaper

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Rainforest Skyreaper
(Teratornisaurus harpymimus)
Rainforest Skyreaper.jpg
19/125, ice comet impact event
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 17/114
Habitat Wright Rainforest
Size 2 m Wingspan
Diet Carnivore (Cunning Lizardworm, Rummaging Jawhog babies, Brumgo babies), Scavenger
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Endotherm (Downy Feathers)
Reproduction Sexual, Eggs, 2 Genders
Descendant of Ancestor of

The rainforest skyreaper replaced its ancestor the skyreaper in the Wright Rainforest. It has gotten slightly smaller to be able to fly in the dense rainforest. It also has changed it coloring to match the mega orbitrees it nests in. In now has a bald head and no longer has colors on its neck.

They will travel in groups of 10 to 20 looking for sick and dying prey. Once found they will either kill it or wait until its dead to eat it. They will fight over the prey and even bring it up into the trees away from other predators such as the phalanx lizardworm. This can difficult with such large prey thus some will help lift it up. Their wing muscles are extremely strong as well as their jaw and neck muscles to lift. Their body skulls are very resistant an can withstand the bites of other individuals when in a feeding frenzy.

The rainforest skyreaper is a very social and somewhat semi-intelligent. Since they are all similar in color they now rely upon head bobbing and tail swishing. Each gesture means something diffrent. They even have a few screeching calls which they will produce when scared or excited.