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(Pennarigida perferflammae)
19/?, unknown cause
Creator Yannick Other


Week/Generation 11/74
Habitat Flisch Savanna
Size 8 cm Long
Diet Granivore (Flammable nuts and seeds of Inferno Tree)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Hermaphrodite (eggs)

The pyroworm has split from it's ancestor in such a way that it has turned black. This will cause sudden fire combustions to be averted, and the heat to be used for the use of the pyroworm. With his gaspers and 'tooth', that is sticking forwards, he's able to crack open inferno tree nuts and eat what's inside. He also eats seed leftovers when the nuts aren't ripe yet. His twelve wings have been changed, in such a way that their function has changed. The big wings are what's left of his wings, he uses them to escape predators/combustion and to get to the flammable nuts. His small wings are used to avert all the heat away from the big ones, they do this by putting their big wings up, let the small ones catch the heat while he escapes with one mighty flap. The back wings have transformed into chemoreceptors, so he can locate soot and ash. Their method of flying has changed too. Because they do not need to glide long distances, but need the ability to go up trees and fly away from potential danger as soon as possible, they have developed square-ish wing. They are able to fly with them by using big flaps and bending the wings like paper for directions. For example, if they bend both sides of the wings, all the air will be blasted to the air/ground below the worm and he'll go straight up.