Ocean Sailcell

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Ocean Sailcell
(Octocrocus marinvolus)
Ocean Sailcell.png
23/?, unknown cause
Creator Mnidjm Other


Week/Generation 21/135
Habitat North Polar Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Temperate Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), South Polar Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Atmosphere (Troposphere)
Size Microscopic
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Binary Fission

The ocean sailcell split from its ancestor and now spends most of its time in the air above the ocean. They arose when a sailcell cloud in the atmosphere was blown out into the ocean. Out of hundreds of thousands of cells, all but about two dozen died. This was due to the fact that a few sailcells that live at the bottom of the river, near Ovi Salt Lake, have built up a tolerance to salty water. This mutation is extremely rare, only seen in sailcells living within half a kilometer of the lake, but enough had it in order for a small population to arise. The main body developed to be able to absorb cyan light in addition to the violet photosynthesis ability they inherited from their ancestor. In the equinoxes, these creatures huddle together in multitudes over the ocean, and then the huge clouds of yellow and purple color the sky until nightfall every day.