Morsus Turpis

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Morsus Turpis
(Morsus turpis)
19/?, unknown cause
Creator KingAcer Other
Morsus turpis
Week/Generation 11/75
Habitat Jujubee Open Ocean, LadyM Open Ocean, Somarinoa Coast, Clayren Coast, King Coast, BigL Coast, Flisch Coast, Yokto Coast, Ittiz Coast, Nuke Coast, Krakow Coast, Huggs Coast, Ovi Coast, Hydro Coast, North Polar Coast, South Polar Coast, Yokto Beach, Somarinoa Beach, Huggs Beach, Flisch Beach, King Beach, Krakow Beach, Ittiz Beach, Clayren Beach, Ovi Beach, Nuke Beach, BigL Beach, Hydro Beach
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Liquivore (everything it gets attached to)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

Morsus turpis is a nasty cell. It is covered with hollow needle like objects. These needles can pierce any cell, and when they do, they eject a enzyme that can liquefy other cells. After the cells are liquefied they will get sucked into Morsus turpis. This cell can affect single-celled organisms as well as multi-celled organisms. Morsus turpis mostly clean up dead organisms floating in the sea or lying on the beach, but sometimes living creatures get affected by them and will start to get large wounds that will eventually kill them.

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  • Morsuses (genus Morsus)