Membranae Infinitus

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Membranae Infinitus
(Membranae infinitus)
25/155, Integrated into Infinities
Creator Huckbuck Other
Membranae infinitus
Week/Generation 15/101
Habitat Russ River, Flisch Coast, King Coast, Krakow Coast, LadyM Ocean (Sunlight Zone), LadyM Ocean (Twilight Zone), LadyM Ocean (Abyss Zone), LadyM Ocean (Sea Floor), Rhodix Vents, North Polar Coast
Size Microscopic
Support Unknown
Diet Consumer
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Binary Fission

Membranae infinitus evolved from the protosagania. It is a strange, but simple cell, floating along with the current eating everything it can that comes close enough. Membranae infinitus is common west of Glicker, but can also be found in Russ River, though it is most common at Rhodix Vents. Membranae infinitus is quite big for being micro organism, since its size is its strength. Even though it is hunted by some organisms Membranae infinitus is mostly the hunter, even though you cant call what it do to hunt, basically it just digests whatever happens to be in its way.

Living Relatives (click to show/hide)

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  • Infinities (genus Membranae)