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(Lokitus wormosis)
20/?, unknown cause
Creator Dacmat22 Other


Week/Generation 18/121
Habitat Flisch-Krakow Tropical Rainforest
Size 5 cm Wingspan
Diet Omnivore (Lightning Tree, Tower Fernplent, Bullying Fernt, Xolagoba, Plume-Tailed Azelemur, Sawgnaw, Leafy Palmshrub, Spiral Plern, Sawclaw, Leaping Tree Dweller, Sugar-Trunked Balloonarch, Leapdweller, Boundweller, Tailhopping Sawclaw, Arborai Tree, Fluffytree, Armored Leapdweller, Buttress Treeworm)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Hermaphrodite (eggs)
Descendant of Ancestor of

The Lokorm is a much more scares version of its ancestor and has replaced it in the Flisch-Krakow Tropical Rainforest. It has become smaller to suit its more gruesome life style. Every three to four month these worms will come out at night in huge swarms that cover the night sky. They will feed until they are all full. The tongue that sticks out of the mouth is much more stiff and acts like a jackhammer that goes through bark and flesh. They will squirm around under the victims skin and use the spikes under the tip of their wings as a way to crawl through. After their done eating they will find a suitable tree to hang on until they become hungry again.