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(Krillpedus spp.)
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 23/149
Habitat Global (Sagan 4)
Size 1 cm to 10 cm Long
Diet Planktivore
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual, Spores

The krillpedes genus group replaced its ancestors the marine krillpede, the fuzzy krillpede, and the basal krillpedes. They are an important group genus group filling the role of zooplankton in Sagan 4's oceans. They live from polar to tropical waters and thrive where the phytoplankton bloom. They consume them with their baleen beaks. They are blind and must feel their way around the ocean. They can taste the water to find food as well. Their coloration depends upon where they live, such as golden in golden sands, blue in the open ocean and even white at the bottom of the sea.

They have 7 body segments, 8 limbs, 2 antennae and a segmented tailfin. Their front pair of limbs have small claws on them that are mainly used to hold on to objects. Like all anipedes they have blue copper blood. They are asexual and produce spores.

Integrated Species