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(Textudopoaceae cluster)
20/132, Branching Cellulosebane
Creator TheBigDeepCheatsy Other


Week/Generation 15/100
Habitat Flisch Savanna, Flisch Temperate Forest, Ichthy Swamp
Size 12 cm Tall
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual (Round berry with tiny seeds), Asexual (Formation of sprouts in the tip of leaves)

When some of the hermangrass seeds fell into tunnels, they adapted by being more sensitive to sunlight and became hugograss. They also adapted to be smaller in order to fit more of their species into the tunnels. Hugograss has evolved a thick skin and became smaller, which allowed them to store more water. However, they still reproduce the same way its ancestor did. The hugograss still forms small beads in the tips of its leaves when they touch the ground and create roots to form new plants that remain joined to the mother-plant.