Glowlight Scylarian

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Glowlight Scylarian
(Serpentes rhodix)
Glowlight Scylarian.gif
Creator Nergali Other


Week/Generation 22/143
Habitat Rhodix Vents, LadyM Polar Sea
Size 55 cm Long
Diet Carnivore (Rhodix Longtail, Elongated Gilltail, Red Echofin)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Genders

Splitting from their ancestor, the glowlight scylarian has made its home in the dark waters of the ocean floor, making the Rhodix Vents its hunting ground in the process. Like silent phantoms they glide effortlessly through pitch black waters, producing a red bioluminescence that only they can see. With this they can hunt down their preferred prey, the rhodix longtail, without threat and have thus become the dominant predator in the region. Males are roughly 10 cm shorter than females, though they are slightly chunkier in terms of girth. 2-3 young are born from each 2-year-long pregnancy.

At night some glowlight scylarians will head for shallower waters in order to hunt other prey. Their red bioluminescence allows them to clearly see elongated gilltail and red echofin in the dark waters, while they themselves cannot see it. This allows them to hunt them with little problem, darting out of the darkness and snapping up their prey with their needle teeth-filled jaws.