Fortress Weavercrab

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Fortress Weavercrab
(Ariadnus prometheus)
Fortress Weavercrab.JPG
14/93, replaced by descendant
Creator Irinya Other


Week/Generation 9/60
Habitat Ovi-Hydro Plains
Size 60 cm Long
Support Unknown
Diet Omnivore (Grasses, Small Plents, Other Scuttlecrabs)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual (Each member of the alpha female group lays eggs once or twice per year. They take turns at laying so that there wont be too many eggs at any one time. Eggs are laid in broods of three to five, they are small, hard-shelled and spherical. They are tended by beta females until they hatch.)

The fortress weavercrabs are physically identical to their direct ancestor. The main development is in their behavior. Rather than digging the extensive tunnel systems that their ancestor did, the weavercrabs dig small clusters of chambers which are connected to nearby clusters by single tunnels.

Also, these creatures construct walls around the entrances of their nests to keep out predators. The fortresses (pictured) from which this species gets its name can be up to ten metres tall.