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(Comalasus aerothistle)
19/?, unknown cause
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 16/105
Habitat Ittiz-Ovi Desert, Ovi-Hydro Plains, Hydro Savanna, Hydro Scrub
Size 1 m Tall
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual (Flying Berries and Puffy Spores), Asexual

The flightberry has replaced its ancestor the lightberry. In reaction to the desert shellwalker feeding upon it it now has developed a new defense besides its spines and sharp leaves. When a desert shellwalker starts clipping off leaves it will secrete a very sticky goo which will cause the claws to stick together. Due to the lack of water in the desert it can only start producing this after a herbivore starts eating it. It has also grown slightly taller with its leaves higher up to try to be out of reach of the desert shellwalker.

Its seeds have also become more efferent in their flight. Each seed is like a miniature propeller airplane. The propeller grows in a compact corkscrew on the top of the stem. When the the seed is mature it will detach from the plant and allow for the propeller to un-spin. Thus it can fly for a short distance even without wind. Once the propeller has unwound it must depend upon its wings to glide the rest of the way. Thus if a wind is around it will fly that much farther. Once landed the propellers fall off and the once would up coil becomes the roots. The wings can double as leaves and will change back from blue to purple once it starts growing in the ground. Note it still use puffy spores to reproduce sexually but seeds can be created both sexually or asexually.

Due to this more efficient method of reproduction its has spread to Ovi-Hydro Plains, Hydro Savanna and Hydro Scrub. There it replaced even its distant ancestors the thistleberry and speckled berry plant within those biomes. However the ancestors still exist on Ovi Island where the flightberry could not penetrate.