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(Lagoplent pewus)
21/?, unknown cause
Creator Wonderful Lizard of Oz Other


Week/Generation 19/125
Habitat Ovi-Hydro Plains
Size 65 cm Long
Diet Omnivore (Vandriswoop, Windbulb, Emulsifly, Spitting Emulsifly)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Genders, Fast breeder with many babies

The fartblaster split from its ancestor the bumblaster. The fartblaster originated when a bumblaster was born with a gland in its "butt-nostril" that produced hydroquinone in a cavity next to its "blaster". When it chose, a sphincter would open between the cavity and the nostril, spraying it out. As this did not impede the blaster's function, the mutation survived. The lungs, fortunately for it, did not breathe in the hydroquinone. Later, such a mutated bumblaster was born with another gland in the other "butt-nostril", which sprayed hydrogen peroxide. Fortunately, it did not breathe in the hydrogen peroxide either. Though neither chemical was toxic, they were flammable when combined. This was a massive help, as it provided a good defense against predators. Also, as much of its diet had gone extinct, it was forced to change it's digestive system to be able to process nearby emulsiflies.