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Saltshroom is an example of Eukaryota.
Eukaryota includes all life on Sagan 4. They have eukaryotic-like cells that have at least one nucleus and cell membrane.

Domain: Eukaryota

Kingdom: Aculeuia
Kingdom: Asterophyta
Kingdom: Basilliota
Kingdom: Binucleozoa
Kingdom: Carpozoa
Kingdom: Caudazoa
Kingdom: Chaozoa
Kingdom: Cilliognathiazoa
Kingdom: Cnidolibiota
Kingdom: Colonusis
Kingdom: Crustasimilis
Kingdom: Cuniculamoebida
Kingdom: Cytovirii
Kingdom: Endoturbaria
Kingdom: Flaviphyta
Kingdom: Flovaniozoa
Kingdom: Forzanumeribiota
Kingdom: Gastroboskia
Kingdom: Goliathibiota
Kingdom: Incredundobiota
Kingdom: Infinitabiota
Kingdom: Krakowozoa
Kingdom: Kyanozoa
Kingdom: Luminiphilia
Kingdom: Mancerxia
Kingdom: Melanophyta
Kingdom: Microdendrontia
Kingdom: Microprobii
Kingdom: Nimbubiota
Kingdom: Octothermazoa
Kingdom: Paramorphobiota
Kingdom: Phoenoplastida
Kingdom: Protobia
Kingdom: Refulgibiota
Kingdom: Remizoa
Kingdom: Reniformabiota
Kingdom: Siderobiota
Kingdom: Silexivoridia
Kingdom: Teproutinia
Kingdom: Trinucleata
Kingdom: Vulcanizoa

- * means exinct