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(Sonicphyta epistula)
19/?, unknown cause
Creator Flisch Other


Week/Generation 16/104
Habitat Ovi-Hydro Plains, Hydro Savanna, Hydro Scrub
Size 1 m Tall
Diet Photosynthesis
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual, Airborne Spores
Descendant of Ancestor of

The drumleaf split from the humm to live in more dry places. To defend against herbivores like the stickyball fortresscrab and the clipperkin it evolved a very special strategy. If something harms the leaf, little bubbles filled with a messenger will break and cause cells at the swelling of the stem to open. This swelling is hollow and the pressure in this swelling is lower than the outside. When these cells open, air will pour through tiny capillaries at a high speed. The cells around the capillaries lack in the purple dye, thus tinging the tissue around the capillaries brighter than the other parts of the leaf. The air pouring through these capillaries at a high speed will pass the darker regions of the capillaries. This darker region contains thinner tubes and slits and thus will produce sounds and, more important, a vibration which goes through the whole plant and the ground. Nearby drumleaves will absorb these vibrations with their sensitive root endings. Cells at these endings contain the same messenger which will cause the same reaction to these plants. Additionally the messenger will cause the immediate production of a special poison, which keeps herbivores away. Because the poison slows down the photosynthesis, the plant can't keep the poison in its tissue forever and thus breaks the poison into its components ready for the next attack.