Crystal Shrubite

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Crystal Shrubite
(Krakowlimus malumortuus)
12/82, replaced by descendant
Creator Huggkruka Other


Week/Generation 2/10
Habitat Ocean Floor
Size 1 m Tall
Diet Filter Feeder
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual, Budding Proto-Spores

After the binucleus crystal shrub moved and evolved to get away from it, the krakowlimus lithovora were all but extinct. Thanks to the swift DNA changes of the flare, however, it changed in a strange way. Instead of just feeding on the crystal shrubs, they began to take them over. Copying useful parts of the DNA and discarding others, the crystal shrubite is a hybrid of both species. It snatches up any objects it can in the water, gulps up whatever nutrients it might contain, and then builds its shell around it. With time, these structures can grow huge.