Colony Salmundus

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Colony Salmundus
(Salmundus multisalm)
Colony Salmundus.png
23/148, Integrated into Salmunduses genus
Creator Mnidjm Other


Week/Generation 21/135
Habitat North Polar Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Temperate Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), South Polar Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Twilight Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Twilight Floor), Arctic Polar Sea, Raq Temperate Bay, Colddigger Polar Bay, Darkov Temperate Coast, Elerd Temperate Coast, Oz Temperate Coast, Wolfgang Temperate Coast, Bumpy Polar Coast, Nergali Polar Coast, Chum Salt Lake, Slarti Salt Lake, Ovi Salt Lake, Chum Salt Marsh, Slarti Salt Marsh, Ovi Salt Marsh
Size Microscopic
Diet Chemosynthesis (Methane, Carbon)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Binary Fission

The colony salmundus split from its ancestor. They first evolved in Chum Salt Lake and Chum Salt Marsh, but soon spread to the open water. They're now multi-cellular organisms. They have switched their diets, now they absorb the various organic chemicals, like methane, and synthesizes them to make beneficial chemicals for them. If one of the cells die, they will slip that cell from the rest. If the cell is in the middle, this could result in it splitting in two, with each half becoming a separate organism. They are found in all the waters of Jujubee, but can also be found in the salt lakes and marshes connecting to the ocean.