Cloud Skysnapper

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Cloud Skysnapper
(Tectopterus skysaur)
Cloud Skysnapper.jpg
19/?, unknown cause
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 16/106
Habitat South Polar Coast, South Tundra, Huggs Taiga, Atmosphere
Size 1 m Wingspan
Diet Carnivore (Hoverswent, Sulfuric Nobit, Norat, Geistrat, South Polar Swarmer, Polar Krillpede)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Endotherm (Downy Feathers)
Reproduction Sexual, Lays Hard-Shelled Eggs, Two Genders

The cloud skysnapper replaced its ancestor, the polar skysnapper. It has left the ice caves and now populate the cold southern regions of glicker. Its will fly high in the air looking for prey with it three sets of eyes. Once it sees prey it will swoop down and grab it with either its taloned feet or toothed jaws.

Like its ancestor it has downy feathers covering its body and is warm-blooded. It lays its hard shelled eggs in the warm summers and will make their nests on the ground using local grasses. They tend to have their nesting colonies on the small polar islands away from scavengers. They only have 1 to 2 eggs and will raise them until they are young-adults. They pair for life and take turns taking care of the egg.

Their wings and membrane are black so it can help them warm up better when the sun is out. Since they are deaf they communicate through gestures with their wings and tails.