Cleaner Kelpeg

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Cleaner Kelpeg
(Cnidolium phthirophagus)
Cleaner Kelpeg.png
18/123, Replaced by descendant
Creator Mnidjm Other


Week/Generation 18/121
Habitat Jujubee Ocean (Sunlight Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Twilight Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Abyss Zone), Jujubee Ocean (Sea Floor), Yokto Coast, Soma Coast, Huggs Coast, Clayren Coast, Ovi Coast, Ittiz Coast
Size Microscopic
Diet Parasitic (Dead scales of Gilltails and relatives)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Mitosis

A mutation in the gene pool allowed nibbling kelpegs to move into new niches. The Cleaner Kelpeg is a carnivore, preventing it from replacing it ancestor. Their main diet is the dead scales of the gilltails in the Jujubee Ocean and surrounding coasts. The protein rich diet of theirs has allowed their size to increase explosively. They are now a conglomerate of many kelpegs cells into one organism. Some may even grow to be 1.5 cm long, though this is rare.

The Cleaner Kelpegs are rarely eaten by the gilltails because of a deadly adaptation. If a Kelpeg happens to be eaten, the Kelpegs will release a spray of chemicals that will seep into the bloodstream of the Gilltails, killing them in minutes.