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(Megacrest mitten)
22/?, unknown cause
Creator Building Blocks Other


Week/Generation 19/128
Habitat Ittiz High Grassland, Ittiz-Ovi Scrub, Wright Tropical Rainforest
Size 140 cm Long
Diet Herbivore (Hoh-Humm, Windbulb, Stacked Gem Orb, Desert Chitinbane, Spherehouse Loppy, Vandriswoop, Yenaptak, Shieldberry, Woodenberry, Pomeguava, Rainforest Humm)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Hard-shelled eggs in nests, Two genders

The capicrest split from it's ancestor and moved south to a better climate. Unlike it's ancestor, they live in groups, however full grown males will try to scare rivals off with color displays in the crest and sails. Males range from yellow to dark red, their horns can be any bright color but always have a red base, and females range from dull-purple to brown, and lack dewlaps and have smaller horns.

Unlike other capis, male capicrest are much larger then females, females are only 80 cm. Females have regained the ability to change skin color between a dull-purple and brown, this is slow but useful. Males have not because they try to stand out almost always. If a herd is attacked the male will stand and fight or at least distract the predator until the females have had a chance to change color, in the case plains run, and in the case of woodlands hide. Females are loyal to one male, and they will only leave if there are too many females in a harem or if the male dies, even then they won't mate for at least 25 days after leaving.