Burrowing Quid

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Burrowing Quid
(Maresubterrae sterlingus)
Burrowing Quid.jpg
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 22/144
Habitat LadyM Polar Sea, Ichthy Polar River, Jeluki Polar River, Ichthy Salt Lake, Jeluki Salt Lake
Size 80 cm Long
Diet Scavenger
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Two Genders, Spawns Hundreds of Egg-Sacs

The burrowing quid replaced its ancestor the phasmadrill. They have ventured back out into the sea and lives in all waterways connected to LadyM Polar Sea. They have gotten even better at digging burrows. On the back of their heads are a bony shovel-like scoop. This also them to dig shallow holes to stay in. Their gills work much like snark gills in that they are horizontal and suck in water from one side and out the other side. They can reverse the direction or even squirt water out or both if needed.

Like their ancestors their skin can change colors to help camouflage them. They will typically be whatever color the sea floor is, but will put on bright colors to attract a mate. They are neutrally buoyant in the water and will pull themselves along the bottom with their 6 tentacles. They are also exothermic and thus do not move very much in the polar waters. They also do not need to eat often. However they are opportunistic and will eat any dead fauna they come across.