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(Choriobullae bubblewrapus)
24/?, unknown cause
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 21/138
Habitat Darwin Chaparral, Darwin Plains, Darwin Tundra
Size 90 cm Long
Diet Hemophagus (Tunnel Tasertongue, Scrub Tasertongue, Honker Hoofplent, Stalkgulper, Leaffer, Greater Tunnel Tasertongue, Tove, Cottoncoat, Nogbarrel)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Mesotherm (Bubble-Wrap Scales)
Reproduction Sexual, Two Genders, Live Birth, Pouch

The bubbleskin split its ancestor the night slasher and has spread south. Like its ancestor it uses its fangs and spikes to bleed its prey to death. It has specialized in plent blood and will go after larger plents. They have become more social and hunt in packs of 5 to 10 members. Since their ears are their skin they will use high frequency chirp to communicate. Some times its so high that they prey cannot pick up on the frequency.

To survive in the cold they have developed air filled bubbles all over their bodies. These have trapped air in which helps them insulate them from the cold environment. Their black coloration also helps warm them up quicker. They are mesothermic too (they can generate some of their own body heat) so they must find food frequently. Since they only drink blood they must drink a lot of it and will spend time draining their prey until they have no blood. Sometimes in the cold environment the blood will freeze and they must eat it frozen. Luckily their stomachs have adapted to this. And they do not lower their core temperature like other species would. They never have to drink water either since they get all their water from the blood they drink.

The main eye can see in color from red to violet. The lowermost eye can now see the prey's bio-electric signals, making their nervous system visible to them. While the eye furthest can see in infrared (aka heat). Its tongue has smaller bristles, giving its tongue a "sandpapery texture".

They come out at night from their burrows to attack prey off-guard, or sleeping prey. It uses the cover of darkness to help hide them. They come across prey that stay in groups they will single out the individual with a weak bio-electric signal. This is usually a young, old or sick member. Once speared out from they herd they will coordinate their hunting to take it down with their saber teeth and slashing claws. This can get quite messy. However since they are blood drinkers they ten to clean up the area by licking up blood that has fallen to the ground.

The pack are lead by an alpha male who gets right to mate with the packs females. They mate every fall and give birth to 1 to 2 babies in the spring. They will stay in their mother's pouch until summer in which they become to big to fit in anymore. They do not get their fangs, claws or sandpaper-like tongue until they reach adulthood. This is important since those things could hurt the mother in the pouch. They are weaned on regurgitated blood until they are old enough to come on hunts. In the time after leaving the pouch but before joining the pack they will stay with their mother in the den when the pack is hunting.

Bubbleskin Vision