Batworm Catcher

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Batworm Catcher
(Aeroflora batwormivore)
Batworm Catcher.jpg
16/?, unknown cause
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 13/87
Habitat Glicker Alpine, Flisch Temperate Forest, Flisch-Krakow Rainforest, Flisch Savanna, Ferret Limestone Caves
Size 60 cm Wingspan
Diet Photosynthesis, Insectivore (Batworm, Moth Wingworm)
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Heterotherm (Basking, Muscle-Generated Heat)
Reproduction Sexual, live birth, two genders

The batworm catcher split from the wingworm catcher. Near the base of the Bone River in Glicker Alpine some wingworm catchers started eating the batworms. Before too long they followed them down the other side of the mountains and spread across the region of Flisch. To protect themselves from predators they all roosted in the Ferret Limestone Caves.

Their back hooks have evolved claws and even the side rudders have claws so they can hang upside down not only from branches but in the caves. They can still walk on their front legs but prefer to hang upside down or fly. Their eyes have improved to find the batworms in flight and their wings are used like earlobes when hanging upside down so they can listen for prey as well as for predators that might want to eat them. When they hunt they will hang upside down from trees then swoop down to grab their prey. In the regions that have the moth wingworm they will prey upon them as well.