Barb-Tongued Sapworm

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Barb-Tongued Sapworm
(Sporewormus razolingus)
Barb-Tongued Sapworm.jpg
24/?, unknown cause
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 22/140
Habitat Drake Tundra
Size 2 cm Long
Diet Sapivore (Tundra Plyent)
Respiration Semi-Active (Unidirectional Tracheae)
Thermoregulation Heterotherm (Basking, Heat from Muscle Activity)
Reproduction Hermaphrodite, Sticky Eggs
Descendant of Ancestor of
Plyent Sapworm

The barb-tongued sapworm split from its ancestor the plyent sapworm. It moved to Drake Tundra where it could feed on the sap of the tundra plyent much like its ancestor fed on the chunky plyent. They are social creatures who travel in swarms to plyent grove to plyent grove. They use their sharp barbed tongue to puncture the hard trunk of tundra plyents. Their favorite spot is around the spore hole since it has less insulation. They have 2 pairs of wings hidden within their protective "wing shell". The holes above their mouth allow them to smell out food. They have a row of yellow eyes on the top of their abdomens and a cloaca at the end for mating. They mate year round and lay many sticky eggs. These sticky eggs are laid on the trunks of tundra plyents so it can suck its sap when they hatch.

They also have developed a "shelled wing" which protects their 2 back wings when landing on plyents. Not only will this help keep their wings protected, but also protects them from small predators. The wings sit on either side of the body so its "back eyes" can still see even when its closed. They never need to drink because they get all their water from the sap they drink. In addition they need very little water to survive.