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(Tripodasaur horntalon)
15/101, gamma-ray burst
Creator Hydromancerx Other


Week/Generation 7/44
Habitat Flisch Temperate Forest, Flisch Plains, Flisch Savanna
Size 3 m Tall
Diet Herbivore (Stickyballs, Violetgrass, Hermangrass)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, lays hard shelled eggs in nests, two genders

The antlerclaw evolved because the Flisch Temperate Forest did not have any trees at all (thus replacing the Flisch Temperate Forest population of forest dwellers). They adapted to eat whatever was there, which was mostly stickyballs. It followed them to the Flisch Plains and Savanna, where it discovered violetgrass and hermangrass, which was much more filling. Since there were no predators, they could feast and their smaller eyes were not needed anymore. Their long necks are now pertinently angled down to eat the low-growing flora. Their spaded claws have developed into antlers, which they use not for defense, but for fighting for mates. Males have very elaborate antler-claws while the females' resemble the Forest Dwellers' claws. As you can see, they can still change colors to match their surroundings, but they use it mostly for social communications. Their nails and horns can also change colors, since they are made of the same color changing scale material, but not as well. They have also shrunk in size by a meter, since they no longer have to be as tall to eat.