Anchor-Branch Korystal

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Anchor-Branch Korystal
(Koralcrystalus curvamen)
Anchor-Branch Korystal.png
Creator Jlind11 Other


Week/Generation 20/132
Habitat Jeluki River
Size 75 cm Tall
Diet Detritivore, Filter Feeder (Odo)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual Budding, Spores

The anchor-branch korystal split from its ancestor and moved into Jeluki River. It has changed little from its ancestor except for its structure. First, the crystal sprouts grow closely upward until they reach maximum height, then each begins to grow directly outward and downward from the central column in a curving style until they are firmly anchored into the ground. As the branches grow outward they bud spiky fractals which act as protection from being trampled and from herbivores. This new anatomy is much more structurally sound and has allowed them to grow slightly larger.