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(Chitinovermis hedgetrimmus)
19/?, unknown cause
Creator Neoskel Other


Week/Generation 15/103
Habitat Hydro Savanna
Size 18 cm Long
Diet Herbivore (Speckled Berry Plant, Thistleberry, Orbiflor)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Eggs, Two Genders

The clipperkin split from the butcher worm in Hydro Savanna. They responded to the lack of herbivores after the Gama Ray Burst and began feeding on leafy plants. Their 'jaws' have specialized to chop leaves into smaller pieces. This allows them to 'pre-chew' leaves and also allows them to eat spiny leaves like those of the thistleberry with no harm to themselves. They have become twice as big as their ancestor due to the abundance of food, lack of predators and lack of competition.