Branching Supershroom

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Branching Supershroom
(Pseudofungi multigermen)
Branching Supershroom.jpg
22/?, unknown cause
Creator AnguaNatalia Other


Week/Generation 19/128
Habitat Huggs Marsh, Bone Swamp, Bone River, East Huggs River, Huggs Tropical Rainforest, Huggs Temperate Rainforest
Size 10 cm Tall
Diet Detritivore
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Asexual Budding, Extremely Resistant Spores

The branching supershroom first replaced its ancestor in Bone Swamp. It spread to the river and began its conquest of the Huggs rainforests, East Huggs River and Huggs Marsh, where it has now entirely replaced the supershroom. It still grows miniature versions of itself under its cap like its ancestors, but unlike before these don't need to get knocked off to grow into full-sized shrooms. Some of them will grow to the side and grow a large cap, under which more miniatures can grow. Some miniatures will grow to the ground to support the weight. Because of this, if the original shroom dies, the new ones still get their food and can live on. The branching supershroom still has spores, but most of its reproduction is now done by by the branching. The diggerundi in Huggs Tropical Rainforest that used to farm supershrooms, now use branching supershrooms instead. Usually they harvest the miniature shrooms before they can grow into new shrooms.