Bliep Urchip

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Bliep Urchip
(Uksip vental)
Bliep Urchip.png
20/?, unknown cause
Creator Darkov Other


Week/Generation 19/128
Habitat Otter Vents
Size 3.5 cm Long
Diet Herbivore (Helterant)
Respiration Unknown
Thermoregulation Unknown
Reproduction Sexual, Eggs into the Water, Two Genders
Descendant of Ancestor of
Deep Urchip

Splitting from the deep urchip, the bliep urchip moves to the Otter Vents, chasing its food source. Because its very dark in these depths, the urchip has lost its eyesight. To feed more efficiently, like its ancestors, it releases acidic chemical from a hollow tube, on the helterant, but now it has 5 of these tubes. 1 in the middle and 4 that surround it, under the bliep's body. Its size has decreased. Like its ancestor it still has 4 limbs.