Armored Phlyer

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Armored Phlyer
(Soaraflora xyloosteodermis)
Armored Phlyer.jpg
26/?, unknown cause
Creator TheBigDeepCheatsy Other


Week/Generation 25/155
Habitat Coolsteph Temperate Beach, Coolsteph Desert, Ramul Temperate Coast
Size 2 m Wingspan
Diet Carnivore (Vermair, Fisticoat, Boomcracker, Hopketter young, Shaggycoat, Desert Gossalizard, Seafin, Strainerbeak, Scuttleball Gillfin, Finback, Diamond Pumpgill), Scavenger, Photosynthesis
Respiration Active (Lungs)
Thermoregulation Heterotherm (Basking, Muscle-Generated Heat)
Reproduction Sexual, Live Birth, Two Genders

The armored phlyer split from its ancestor, the soaring phlyer, and has moved from the atmosphere to the Coolsteph island. It has adapted to feeding on the flesh of plents and worms that live on the island. In order to adapt to feeding on fisticoats and boomcrackers, it has evolved semi-hollow wooden armor plates that protect its body from prey attempting to defend itself. Much like its distant ancestor, the taloned phlyer, it uses its legs as a set of talons for snatching up prey. It is the apex predator of the Coolsteph Desert.

Unlike its ancestor, the armored phlyer gives birth to 3 young that become fully capable of flight and taking care of themselves within 1-2 weeks. Therefore, the adult armored phlyer only raises its young for that period of time by bringing back food and keeping them sheltered.